Research & Technologies

JATROMA project

Jatropha curcas L. (Euphorbiaceae) is one of the most promising plant for biodiesel production. Today’s varieties show suboptimal quantitative and qualitative traits, such as low yield and oil content and the presence of toxic and anti-nutritional compounds, while its genetic variability and economic yield potentials remain unexploited. With the JATROMA Project Bioma Technologies is developing enhanced jatropha elite varieties through the establishment of a germplasm core collection, its genetic and biochemical characterization and the development of breeding programs.

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ARUNDOMA project

Arundo donax (Graminaceae) is one of the most promising species for biomass production. A. donax is a sterile plants and it is propagated by rhizomes, making the establishment of the cultivation expensive and laborious and the genetic variability of the species narrow. The main purpose of the ARUNDOMA project is to establish a micropropagation protocol to offer transplant-ready plantlets to growers and to increase genetic variability and select for favourable genotypes.

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V.E.R. project

Vegetal Engine Reactor (V.E.R) platform is a patented technology for the in-vitro biomass production of vegetable cell lines (patent 1381382). Bioma technologies has developed proprietary transformed cell lines for the production of high oleic cell lines (patent 1380538, patent 1380570).

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